Thursday, January 21, 2016

Glistening blue waves
Smoothly gliding on the beach
Tsunami appears.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Colorful coral 
Fish swimming peacefully past
 Suddenly a shark

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

White Out

Snow. There was just snow. A blanket of snow covered the whole mountain. It was a complete white out. And I was skiing with my dad, from the top of Blackcomb Mountain.
You are probably wondering, How in the world did you get on top of a mountain? I took a few chairlifts to get about 2\3 up the whole mountain. But my My goal was to get to the top.
I could already imagine going up that final chair lift to the top. I was feeling over excited to go to the top because I was nervous about skiing really high. My thoughts of excitement were racing through my head like a few hundred fragment missiles exploding. But when I reached the final chair lift, me and my family decided to ski a bit and then have lunch, before me and dad went to the dreaded top.                                                                     
Next, it was time to conquer this beastly blizzard. Me and my dad started to go up the last possible chairlift. Now, here is the hard part. When we got off, we skied a bit to the last stage of the mountain. It was super windy and full of snowflakes. Well not the tiny snowflakes, I mean SNOW, FLUFFY SNOW that you could fall in and stay there for minutes. BUT I wasn’t SCARED because I have been on some difficult runs and I MEAN IT.  Instead, I felt BRAVE because I could blaze down the mountain. I was fidgeting because I was nervous and excited at the same time.
Me and my dad started talking on how to conquer  this beast.
“Are you ready?” asked my dad excitedly.
“I don’t know, but let’s try anyway.” I said happily!  Then we started to ski DOWN… Here is some GOOD advice, “Do not try this if you are not a great skier or just starting to ski, REALLY!”
As we skied down, I could feel the wind blowing through my helmet. I could feel the the courage in my body. I could just feel it. It was so white that I was literally blinded by the snow. The wind was blowing past my ears; it felt like a hurricane just went past me at 100 miles per hour. Once we got to the landing platform, I was feeling overJOYED!
“Hey Dad, Could WE PLEASE DO THAT AGAIN?” I said with a lot of enthusiasm.
“Sure thing kiddo ” My dad told me. THEN WE DID that again!!
Later that day, I went to sleep in my bedroom. It is a nice and cozy room, not that many feet in diameter or length, but cozy enough for me.
While I was in bed, I thought of something, I could do that BEAST AGAIN. I COULD DO IT!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Depending on when you met me

Depending when I met you, I could have been,

Skiing with a cast on, breaking my arm dancing, eating 5 grilled cheese, a lego master, a basketball player, a master of badminton, a star wars nobe, a golf player, and a Minecraft expert.

Tiny story

A towering church, gets struck by lightning, foundations crumbling. Hope is lost. Then the crumbling stops. It was just a nightmare. 

Optimism's Tiny Story

As darkness is approaching and destroying our inner happiness, the only fighter is optimism. when he is activated, the darkness screams in horror as it fades away, as he skips along,  making a golden path of  happiness behind him.